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All In Tour 2021


Day 1    Friday, June 11th Shuttle form Buena Vista to Antero Junction. Ride from Antero Junction to Wilkerson Pass.                Shuttle to Woodland Park (ride miles 28, total 74) Camping at Diamond Campground, Woodland Park 
Day 2    Saturday, June 12th Woodland Park to Colorado Springs, CO   (32 miles) TBD 
Day 3   Sunday, June 13th Colorado Springs to Pueble, CO   (54  miles)


Day 4   Monday, June 14th Pueble, CO to Fowler (38 miles) Camping at City Park 
Day 5   Tuesday, June 15th Fowler to Haswell, CO   (56 miles) Camp in City Park 
Day 6   Wednesday, June 16th Haswell to Sheridan Lake, CO   (50 miles) Camping at City Park-Check in at Bike Shop 
Day 7   Thursday, June 17th Sheridan Lake to Leoti, KS   (51 miles) Camping at City Park 
Day 8   Friday, June 18th Leoti to Dighton, KS   (48 miles) Heritage Hotel (620-397-2599) 
Day 9   Saturday, June 19th Day off in Dighton   (0 miles) Heritage Hotel 
Day 10 Sunday, June 20th Dighton to Alexander, KS   (51 miles) Camp in Rest Area West of town, No Services 
Day 11 Monday, June 21st Alexander to Larned, KS   (40 miles) Bike Shop, Camp in City Park 
Day 12 Tuesday, June 22nd Larned to Nickerson, KS   (60.5 miles) Camp in City Park 
Day 13 Wednesday, June 23rd Nickerson to Newton, KS   (36.5 miles) Hotel 
Day 14 Thursday, June 24th Newton to El Dorado, KS   (42.4 miles) Camping at El Dorado State Park 
Day 15 Friday, June 25th El Dorado to Toronto, KS   (60.9 miles) Cross Timber State Park Camping 
Day 16 Saturday, June 26th Toronto to Chanute, KS   (40.5) Sante Fe Safari Camp Ground 
Day 17 Sunday, June 27th Day off in Chanute   (0 miles) Sante Fe Safari Camp Ground 
Day 18 Monday, June 28th Chanute to Girard, KS   (44 miles) Camp at City Park 
Day 19 Tuesday, June 29th Girard to Miami, OK   (45 miles) Camping at  
Day 20 Wednesday, June 30th Miami to Pineville, MO   (47 miles) Gracie’s Canoe Camp 
Day 20 Thursday, July 1st Pineville to Springdale, AR   (44 miles) Lewis & Clark Outfitters 
Total Miles:   904 Miles

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