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Defining the Need

Funds are being raised to:

  • Allow Josh to complete his goal of riding from Colorado to Arkansas and share his story of hope and recovery with others.

  • Re-starting Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT). Josh began communicating using his foot just 4 days after his first HBOT treatment. They were discontinued after 12 weeks for lack of funding. Cost is $2600 per month.

  • Continuing Activity Based Therapy (ABT) which Josh does 4 hours per week. This therapy enhances neuro-genesis which leads to cell growth in the brain. ABT runs $400 per week.

  • A new mobility van that will allow us to tend to Josh's personal needs while riding as well as tow a trailer that would haul all his medical equipment and his YUMI adaptive quad cycle. Cost of the van is $94,191.

  • A new 7x14' trailer to haul YUMI, supplies, and medical equipment. Cost is $9500 (already paid for by Prudent Construction and roofing and an anonymous donor).

  • Parts inventory for the YUMI so they are on hand during all rides in the future. This includes 8 batteries, second motor, and pinion gear box (transmission). It also includes spare cables, tires, and tubes. Cost is $9600.

  • Trip cost for Team Josh fort 20 days of trip. Cost estimate is $20,000 of which Junk Brands and Prudent Restoration has already covered $3900.

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