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All In Tour Gear List

All In Tour - Bike Gear



Start with a freshly tuned bike and new tires.  Starting out on a 900 mile journey with worn tires, chain, and brakes, may lead to a less than fun experience along the tour.  And, don’t wait until May to get on it.  The pandemic has wreaked havoc on the global supply chain.  The majority of bike parts come from overseas.  Coupled with high demand, there have been delays of months to get parts.  The sooner you get started on your tune up the better.

Touring in a group provides some cover.  But don’t assume anyone else is going to have the part or tool you need. I recommend each rider carry the following on their bike at all times:

  • Tube

  • Multi-tool

  • Tire bars

  • Co2 cartridge 

  • Mini air pump

  • Quick link (For your chain)

  • Towelette (for cleaning grease or grime from your hands after repairing a flat or chain)

Safety / Lights

  • Helmet – the lighter weight the better.  Your neck is going to get tired.  Even more tired the heavier the helmet.  

  • Rear flasher light

  • Front flasher light

  • Rear reflector

  • Front light (Can be the same as flasher-I prefer to use separate for battery life)


  • Two bottles – The first for water the second for electrolyte mix.  I like to keep them separated.

  • Find the electrolytes you like in advance and test them out.  Nuun is a popular brand with cyclists because it is in tablet form.  Carry weight and volume are low.  

Skin protection

  • Arm and leg sleeves – yes they’re a thing – basically spandex that can be quickly pulled up or down while riding without stopping.  They offer protection without having to apply sunscreen all over your body.

  • Cycling cap – yes, they look silly, but the sun will penetrate your helmet and you’ll find your scalp burnt to a crisp.  They also have the added benefit of keeping the sweat from dripping in your eyes.

  • Neck gaiter 

  • Sunscreen – for the face, nose, and other uncovered areas.

  • Cycling gloves.  Padded provides a little comfort for long hours in the saddle.  Your hands take a beating.  Give them a little attention.

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