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Josh Update 9/30/16 5:45pm

Josh is currently in surgery repairing a ruptured disk in his neck. He was taken back around 2:45. Surgery was scheduled to last 4 hours. We have received periodic updates from the nurses. Due to the amount of damage, the surgery will take a little longer than expected but he is doing well and the surgery is going smooth.

The Accident & Progress so far

Tuesday morning, September 26th, at 5:30 Josh left his home in Buena Vista, Colorado for his usual early morning workout before going to work. He rode his bike to the gym. At around 6:30 a jeep struck Josh while he was riding home. After the accident three men happened to be running by and one was medically trained ex-special forces. The man immediately assessed Josh and saw that he was unresponsive and required CPR. He began administering CPR to Josh on the scene and amazingly was able to resuscitate Josh and keep him alive until emergency medical personnel arrived. Josh was then life-flighted to Colorado Springs Memorial Hospital. Upon examination the Hospital realized, among a long list o

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