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Update on Josh...

A few months ago we mentioned that Josh had the opportunity to work with a device called a Tobii Eye Tracker while at the San Antonio VA. This is a very expensive piece of equipment that actually tracks the movement of Josh's eyes on a computer screen and was on loan to the VA while Josh was there. The VA in Fayetteville was able to get us one on loan for Josh to use at home for the next 3 weeks! I went over this afternoon to see Josh and my mom set up the tracker to show me what it could do. Josh was pretty tired so our demo did not last long but we turned on the screen, got Josh in position, calibrated the machine to his eyes and opened the keyboard. The machine is set up so that Josh must

Update on Josh...Wow!

Early on in our journey we shared that the overwhelming emotion we have experienced has been gratitude. That may seem odd to does to us. But amidst the pain and grief, it has been the love and kindness of friends and strangers that has carried us through. It has allowed us to see the Lord's hand at work in the most difficult of times. At every turn there has been someone or a group of people standing in the gap on our behalf. We have never been alone. For that we wish to say thank you! I wish you could have been in the van on the drive home from the Fayetteville VA. It was Josh's first chance to look outside at familiar sites. His eyes were lit up like a Christmas tree. He has start


After 7 months and 6 days, Josh is finally home! Josh was transferred to the VA in Fayetteville on Monday afternoon and has now been discharged home. The transition went fairly smoothly but Josh is tired from the travel and the change of schedule, so we will be working over these next few days to get him back into a rhythm. We are also currently working on Josh's therapy schedule and trying to figure out a way to organize visitors. We know folks want to come see Josh and we want to make sure folks have plenty of opportunity to do so but also try to give Josh some normalcy. We are all smiles over here! It has been a difficult 7 months and we have prayed for this day to come for a while now. W

"Honor all men. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honor the king." 1 Peter 2:17

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