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Update on Josh...August 1st

It has been full month! Trips to the lake, ATL in for Josh event in Atlanta, progress with the standing frame, a special moment at CrossFit Fayetteville, and a new family member! Our time at the lake was very special. We are grateful for the van! It has opened up a lot of opportunities for Josh. He traveled well back and forth to Alabama this summer. I had the privilege of attending the ATL in for Josh in Atlanta. The Meadows clan pulled off a wonderful evening! Funds raised from the event will go towards the purchase of a Tobii Eye Tracker. We have finally mastered the standing frame and seeing Josh upright is a real blessing! He is not able to stay up long...but remember..."Everyday in eve

"Honor all men. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honor the king." 1 Peter 2:17

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