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Update on Josh 10/15/16 8:45 pm

Day 18:

This is Mike writing tonight. I wanted to take this opportunity to express how much we appreciate the support all of you have provided for our family. The cards, messages, Facebook posts, Post-It Notes, phone calls, gifts, pictures, hugs, and prayers have been an overwhelming blessing to us. Over the course of a day each of us experiences a wide range of emotions. I have been amazed at the Lord’s timing in His support and encouragement through your thoughts, prayers, and expressions of kindness.

I am convinced we are not alone here in this hospital room. The walls are covered in scriptures, pictures, letters and warm memories of Josh. There is also an inescapable sense of the presence of angels watching over all of us. From our family to yours, thank you so very much!

This morning while Kelly was holding Josh’s hand and talking to him, she felt Josh move his hand. She asked Josh to squeeze her hand…and he did, as best he could. We know he has had reflex type movements in the past but nothing like this. So Kelly asked him again to squeeze her hand. Once again Josh squeezed lightly and then rolled Kelly’s hand into his. According to the doctors, a response to a command like this would be a game changer. So that is our prayer request this evening, that the doctors would be able to witness this for themselves.

I wanted to share a scripture passage I