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Update on Josh 10/21/16 7:45pm

We have an update on our next steps although it is not 100% confirmed. Sometime soon Josh will be transferred to the VA facility in San Antonio, TX. This hospital has one of the top emerging consciousness programs which means they specialize in working on bringing folks out of comas. However, we are still waiting on his doctors from here in Colorado Springs, the Denver VA, and the VA facility in San Antonio to finish their review and approve the transfer. Part of that decision will involve who will pay for his Med Flight, a jet that is an ICU in the sky.

Our family received a letter from one of Josh's friends that we wanted to share with you. It captures a moment in time from years back but has profound significance today.

"I was sitting in the kitchen of Chi-O and the place was pretty empty except for Josh and a few other people. You could tell Josh was studying something, but I wasn't sure what. Then a girl walked by and asked what he was doing and he replied, "memorizing scripture." She asked, "Why?" Josh replied, "If I ever found myself in a place without my Bible, I would want to know everything this book has to tell me".

"Five years later and that conversation has never left me. It's encouraged me. And during this time of waiting, it's given me the sweetest picture of God whispering to Josh over and over again the verses he so faithfully memorized."