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From a Fellow Warrior...12/8/16

We would like to share with you a message Josh's sister Maggie received today from one of Josh's fellow warriors in the Navy. Please read through to the end for an update on his situation and our prayer request.

"I went to BUD/S with your brother. I dropped a few hours after he did and we ended up spending a good chunk of time together in San Diego. We both got picked up to be Corpsmen and he stayed with me in my sister's apartment for a few days before we drove my car to San Antonio for the entry-level Corpsman training. We became roommates and I spent the next few months getting to know your brother very well. Obviously you know him so much better than I do and are aware of all the characteristics which make him an amazing guy: his faith, humility, sense of humor, and eagerness to reach out to others and squeeze as much out of life as he can with as many friends as possible. However, given the position in which we found ourselves, I got to experience Josh in a unique form of mental and emotional adversity. I wanted to share with you and your family the true depth and solidity of his character and spirit, which I am sure you are presently seeing in a much more vital way.

Josh and I really became close when we found ourselves in some very dark days. We had both dedicated so much of ourselves to SEAL training. We had made so many sacrifices and put everything on the line to accomplish that goal. We had gotten so close to making it through the hardest phase of the hardest training in the entire world. But we hit a wall. Physical, mental, and emotional...everything came crashing down around us and put simply, we failed. Josh had serious shoulder injuries and it was amazing that he made it as far as he did (as you well know). But to us that doesn't matter because we all take personal responsibility for what happens in that course. When some guys don't make it their lives simply fall apart. They fall into deep depression, feel like failures, and are never able to cope with what happened to them and/or the decisions that they made. I've seen guys drink, use drugs, and turn to even more tragic self-destructive behaviors. Not only are we mentally fatigued and taxed, but our bodies are physically broken and even our hormones are out of