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Update on Josh 12/15/16

Day 79:

Progress is has been slow but we believe we are making progress. Josh finished his last round of antibiotics yesterday. A group of doctors specializing in infectious diseases spent some time with Josh this week trying to figure out why his infections keep coming back. Often times with patients who are on a trache for an extended period of time they have spells of congestion that cause their white blood cell count to spike and fever to rise. The folks from infectious disease believe this is what Josh is experiencing. We are optimistic that we may have found the cause of these infections.

My dad came into town for a few days this week. We had the opportunity to have dinner together with Kelsey and my in-laws. As we were talking about Josh and the situation, my dad said something really profound - "A lot of people go through life and never truly know how much they are loved. Josh is fortunate in that he will know exactly how much he is loved."

These last 2 1/2 months have been an exercise in learning to grieve, in learning to accept things for what they are, but also, learning to believe in hope and choosing to celebrate the little victories. My dad's comment at dinner brought me a lot of peace. At times I feel incredibly isolated, but other times I feel more connected to my friends and family than ever before.