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Update on Josh...3/29/17

A post from Maggie, Josh's sister:

Monday marked six months since Josh's accident. He has started gaining weight and developing some muscles in his arms and legs. Those who know Josh know how happy he is about this! He received a new wheelchair that is fitted to his body, and we can already tell he is more comfortable and better supported in it. His speech therapist has been giving us good reports and, in hopes of removing the feeding tube, will most likely do another swallow test before Josh leaves San Antonio.

From the beginning, the odds were against Josh, and they still are. Yet everyday he has gotten a little better. There have been setbacks, but Josh is still fighting. It's easy to focus solely on the progress made each day, which, when viewed alone, seems very small. What I have to remind myself to focus on is where he started on September 27, and where he is now. When you look at the big picture, Josh has come a long, long way! I have always been proud to be his sister, but never more proud than I am today, or than I will be tomorrow.

I read something recently that said, "The most difficult ingredient in suffering is most often time," and that couldn't be truer for me. I've spent six months waiting for a call saying Josh is awake. Six months waiting to hear my brother talk to me. I k