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Update on Josh...Improvise!

I want to start by saying how much we appreciate all the support and encouragement we have received since we have returned home. The return experience has been humbling. Our family would especially like to thank CrossFit Fayetteville for hosting "Murph 2017" in Josh's honor. It was a 1 mile run, 100 pull ups, 200 push ups, 300 squats, and finish with a 1 mile run. The event had Josh written all over it! Josh was able to attend and his eyes were all over the gym soaking it all in. We plan on making CrossFit a part of our regular weekly workout routine with Josh. Thanks to CrossFit Commence for their support of the event as well.

I think another thing we have experienced since our return home has been the art of improvisation. Whether we are navigating the hallways of our house, finding a parking space from which we can maneuver his power chair out of the van, or rigging up a system from which Josh can view the Tobii Eye Tracker on loan from the VA...we are always improvising. Sometimes I feel like a cross between MacGyver and Tim The Tool Man Taylor!

We are experiencing a lot of firsts. Both in his development as well as his re-entry back at home. He continues to show signs of improvement. He moves his legs more and more each day. He continues to vocalize more and more, especially at night. He is much more alert now that he is back in familiar surroundings. Seeing old friends and places with special memories have been important in all of this. We know that no prayer has gone wasted. The Lord continues to show us He is at work. We know our role is to trust Him and to love on Josh every way we know how. As I write this post we are sitting in a cabin at the lake in Scottsboro, Alabama. It has been our family's retreat since the 50's. My only regret is that you cannot be here to watch him look out over the lake. To see his eyes scan the waterfront where he fought numerous bottle rocket wars, invaded the shores of 'the Island" in a canoe, or played numerous games of water basketball. We now look forward to making new memories and thankful to have this time here with him. I promise I will share lots of pictures in the next post!

All in for Josh!

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