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Update-Divine Appointments

So few of us stop long enough to reflect upon or cultivate a vision for our life. However, this was a regular practice for Josh. The following is an excerpt he is letting me share from one of his journals from 2014, two years before his accident.

"I want to live a life worthy of following. I want to leave a lasting, positive impact on the world. I wish to dare greatly, to dream big, and to go to the grave with scars. I want to run the day and not let it run me. I want to make my money work for me and not be a slave to wealth. I want to be a humble follower and a courageous leader. Those who know me and those who I meet along the way, I hope they are better for it. I will do all things with the influence of the Lord."

Two years to the day after the accident Josh met up again with Dr. McKisic, the neurosurgeon who had taken care of him. It was a special time. Dr. McKisic was amazed and excited at Josh's progress. As they communicated back and forth, I learned something new. Dr. McKisic had served as the surgeon assigned to the Navy SEALS at Virginia Beach. Imagine that! I could not help but feel deeply grateful the Lord chose this man to be there for Josh that day. Woven throughout this experience has been the unmistakable hand of the Almighty. It is evident the Lord has more work for Josh to do and more of His vision to fulfill.

We would encourage you to take a moment and carve out some time to reflect and cultivate a vision for your own life. And don't be surprised if you find some Divine appointments arranged for you along the way as you strive to live that out.

Blessings and All In For Josh!


ps. We will have another post with Josh's progress and prayer requests out soon. Please "Like" and "Share"!

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