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An Amazing Year!

2019 seems like it has been a whirlwind of activity and progress. We have much to be thankful for! You may remember that at this time last year we identified "adventure" and "relationships" as our focus for 2019. We plunged into the year with some big goals, and you plunged in alongside of us! Here is a snapshot of some of Josh's activities:

  • Water Skiing in August.

  • Snow Skiing over 31 miles in November.

  • Cycling over 143 miles.

  • Completed 539 hours of therapy.

  • Started aquatic therapy.

  • Traveled 15,196.8 miles for therapy and activities.

In addition to these activities, Josh has made the following measurable gains:

  • The restoration of his vocal chords.

  • Increased arm and hand function.

  • Increased leg strength.

  • Increased core strength.

  • Increased use of adaptive communication device.

  • A reduction of his Baclofen pump dose.

All of this from a guy who was given little chance of ever even waking up!