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Field Trip!

Josh had a very special treat today. He left the Trauma ICU and went to a park across the street! They were able to get Josh up in a special chair and two staff along with two very excited parents accompanied him on his field trip. It was wonderful to see him with the sun shining on his face and the wind blowing across his skin. We can't thank the staff enough for making this special day happen. Mom and dad are beaming! Tomorrow there is a very good chance Josh's transfer to San Antonio VA will become official. Once that happens they will begin the process of arranging his transportation. This will nail down the transfer date. He has had a good weekend with very clear lungs and plenty of TLC

Progress so Far... 10/27/16 6:30pm

Day 30: Today marks one month since Josh's accident and we thought it would be good to take a step back and update everyone on Josh's progress from the beginning until now and maybe clear up any confusion there might be on his condition. Josh remains in a coma. All his internal organs are functioning well. Josh is breathing on his own but has a trachea tube in place so he can be suctioned if needed. He no longer has pneumonia but he is working through some chest congestion and a bacterial infection. He only has to wear a neck brace during physical therapy. PT consists of: Sitting him up Moving him in ways to cause him to catch his balance Stimulating his senses Range of motion exercises Ridi

Update on Josh 10/26/16 8:00pm

Day 29: Josh's fever and white blood cell count has gone down but he is still on antibiotics and will continue to be until the doctors are sure the infection is gone. He is still on schedule to be transported to San Antonio next week. Our prayer tonight is for God to show off. My parents see small miracles in Josh every day, but the doctors aren't always in the room and so our prayer is that God shows off for the doctors. After 29 days, each day begins to feel like Groundhog Day. I wake up and wipe the sleep from my eyes and Josh fills my mind. I shower and grab my coffee and Josh fills my mind. My parents send pictures and videos from the hospital. I pray for Josh. The progress is slow. I d

Update on Josh 10/24/16 9:00 pm

Day 27: We have a couple prayer requests for Josh tonight. Josh's fever has come back. Josh does not have pneumonia but does have some sort of bacteria in his lungs that appears to be resistant to the antibiotic that he has been on. He is on another antibiotic now. With the infection, Josh has been sleeping most of the day. Please continue to pray for miraculous healing for Josh and for continued progress. Our second prayer request is for God to make clear the next steps as we figure out the best way to support Josh. During this next phase of Josh's care, we are committed to doing anything and everything we can for Josh. As early as Monday, Oct 31st, Josh may be transferred to San Antonio.

Update on Josh 10/21/16 7:45pm

We have an update on our next steps although it is not 100% confirmed. Sometime soon Josh will be transferred to the VA facility in San Antonio, TX. This hospital has one of the top emerging consciousness programs which means they specialize in working on bringing folks out of comas. However, we are still waiting on his doctors from here in Colorado Springs, the Denver VA, and the VA facility in San Antonio to finish their review and approve the transfer. Part of that decision will involve who will pay for his Med Flight, a jet that is an ICU in the sky. Our family received a letter from one of Josh's friends that we wanted to share with you. It captures a moment in time from years back but

Update on Josh 10/19/16 8:00 pm

Day 22: Today was an active day for Josh. He is back off the ventilator after the surgery and only has to wear his neck brace while he is doing physical therapy. Today Josh accomplished 3 things: 1. His eyes tracked our mom around the hospital room. 2. He moved his left hand without a response to stimuli, meaning it was an intentional movement. 3. His physical therapists were able to sit Josh up in a chair. While in the chair, he was able to get a big hug from his momma. Tonight we ask for prayers of continued progress. We would also ask for prayers that next steps in Josh's transfer process will become more clear. This accident has taught our family several things. It has taught us to rely

Update on Josh 10/17/16 9:15pm

Day 20: Surgery today went very well. He is on a respirator right now but should be off of that later this evening. The neck is now completely secure. This should be his last surgery for a while. He will start PT soon. We know many of you were not only praying for Josh but also the medical team that would be tending to him. Our family could not be more thankful for the skills, compassion, and professionalism of the entire staff here at Memorial Hospital in Colorado Springs. They have been an answer to your prayers! Prayer Requests: That Josh would rest and recover from surgery. That Josh would respond to commands. That the road ahead would be level and smooth as plans come together for next

Update on Josh 10/16/16 8:45 pm

Day 19: No change in Josh's condition today. Tomorrow morning he will have x-rays and blood work done preparing for surgery. The surgery is planned for 1:30 pm tomorrow and should last about 2 hours. We will send an update afterward. The surgery will be to fuse together some of the vertebrae in the back of Josh's neck. This will fully stabilize his neck and give the physical therapist the ability to work with him in a greater capacity. Specific Prayers for the Family tonight: 1. That the surgery goes smoothly and Josh recovers quickly. 2. For next steps. There are several wheels in motion that we can shed light on at a later time. 3. Pray that Josh continues to show signs of progress. Romans

Update on Josh 10/15/16 8:45 pm

Day 18: This is Mike writing tonight. I wanted to take this opportunity to express how much we appreciate the support all of you have provided for our family. The cards, messages, Facebook posts, Post-It Notes, phone calls, gifts, pictures, hugs, and prayers have been an overwhelming blessing to us. Over the course of a day each of us experiences a wide range of emotions. I have been amazed at the Lord’s timing in His support and encouragement through your thoughts, prayers, and expressions of kindness. I am convinced we are not alone here in this hospital room. The walls are covered in scriptures, pictures, letters and warm memories of Josh. There is also an inescapable sense of the presenc

Update on Josh 10/13/2016 2:00 pm

Day 16: Quick update on Josh. This morning during the doctor's rounds, Josh opened both eyes for all the doctors and nurses to see! Everyone agreed that this was a good sign! Praise Jesus! The doctors grade Josh's coma on the Galsgow Coma Scale. The scale goes from 3-15 and is based on Eye (1-4), Verbal (1-5), & Motor (1-6). You add these scores together to get a sense of how deep the coma is. When Josh arrived at the hospital 16 days ago, he was a 3. Yesterday Josh was a 7. Today Josh is an 8! Josh gets a score of 5 for Motor, 1 for Verbal, and 2 for Eye which sums to 8. The doctors also mentioned that his score of 8 might be artificially low due to his trach and his jaw being wired shut. B

Update on Josh 10/12/16 8:30 pm

Day 15: This morning was an exciting one for us. We continue to see progress in baby steps. This morning Josh opened his left eye about 50% of the way! You can imagine our excitement. Josh was blinking and his pupils were dilating from the light. He couldn't follow a finger when nurses examined him and could not blink on command but we will take it! The doctors tell us that the 2 best things Josh has going for him are that he is young and that he is showing progress! Our prayer tonight is for continued progress. Pray that each day we continue to see these baby steps. I have been eagerly awaiting the day that I would be able to send out one of these updates and tell you that Josh is awake wit

Update on Josh 10/11/16 10:30 pm

Day 14: Today marks 2 weeks since Josh's accident. In those 2 weeks, we have seen Josh's condition greatly improve. Improvements that are difficult to see day to day but much clearer when you take a few steps back. We praise God for the life we see in Josh. We praise God when he coughs, or when he snarls his lip, or when he moves an arm or a leg. We praise God for Josh. Josh's fever has remained down but will still be on antibiotics through Thursday. We spoke to the doctors this morning and it looks the decision has been made to go ahead and do a 2nd neck surgery. This is a good thing. He has had the front fused together and will now have the back fused together. This will fully stabilize hi

Update on Josh 10/10/16 10:00 pm

Day 13: Josh's fever has gone down and the doctors feel that he has about kicked the pneumonia! His CT scan looked good and we are on the right track to do more physical therapy. Josh also got a new rotation of doctors today. We met them this morning and they all seem eager to help Josh. All of these are answered prayers. Dad and I drove down to Buena Vista today. We spent some time with the police talking about the accident and had the opportunity to meet the 3 runners that saved Josh's life. To: Lucas, Micah, and Chris I cannot begin to put into words the gratitude we have for the 3 of you. Hearing your stories, brought so much comfort to my dad and I. We know that God put you in that plac

Update on Josh 10/9/16 9:30 pm

Day 12: There has been no change in Josh's condition. He is still running a low grade fever, battling pneumonia, and un-responsive. Doctors

Update on Josh 10/8/16 9:30 pm

Day 11: Josh has been running a fever of 100 - 101 all day. He is still battling the bacterial pneumonia and is on a new regime of antibiotics. We are still seeing movement in his face and arms but Josh has not opened his eyes or responded to command. He feels so close to us, as if we could snap our fingers and he would wake up and join in the conversation. Last night Josh had 6 friends drive in from Arkansas. They have been a breath of fresh air. They asked if they could go back to his room and play worship music for him. We thought, "Sure, Why Not?" Then they pulled out their guitar and walked back. We sat in the waiting room waiting for them to get kicked out for playing a guitar in the I

Update on Josh 10/7/16 4:30 pm

Day 10: Last night we were playing music to Josh. His eyelids were twitching, his brow furrowed, his lips moved. It gave us hope. We know he can hear us. (Shout out to Jason Polly on iTunes). Josh has developed bacterial pneumonia in his lungs so has been on a few different antibiotics. We are required to wear smocks and gloves in his room at the moment. The doctors are confident that they can get rid of it in the next few days. Due to the pneumonia, they have had him on the respirator intermittently just to give him any help he might need. We met with doctors and hospital staff this afternoon to discuss next steps for Josh's treatment and recovery. Those details are still fuzzy and will lik

Update on Josh 10/6/16 2:30 pm

Day 9: Not much change to Josh's overall condition. He has been visited several times by the PT group to test his responses to stimuli and we are seeing small improvements to his motor skills. Today they will hook him up to a form of a stationary bike to get his legs moving a little bit. At this point, we are in a waiting game. Surgically the doctors have taken care of all of Josh's acute injuries and now we wait for Josh's body to heal itself. Josh is basically breathing on his own but still hooked up to machines to monitor his breathing. We see his eyelids flicker and his toes wiggle but not on command and not consistently. We know Josh is fighting come back to us. We have a meeting with d

Update on Josh 10/4/16 9:00 pm

Today marks Day 7 of Josh's journey. God is present and God is working. Today some Physical Therapists came in Josh's room to assess his condition. They did things like play loud music in his ears to see how he responded. One of the things we learned is that the movement in Josh's left leg and left arm are localized, which means that they are not a reflex, but that it is actually Josh's brain telling his legs and his arms to move! As you can imagine, we are excited by the news and are praising God for the progress that Josh has made. The doctors will also begin start letting him breath on his own for periods of time to strengthen Josh's lungs. The doctors removed several of the tubes from hi

Update on Josh 10/3/16 9:00pm

Josh is out of surgery 30 minutes early! The surgery went great! Surgeons successfully repaired his jaw giving him the ability to make a wide range of strange facial expressions like the one above. It is actually really difficult to find a picture of Josh when he is not making a face like that. For those of you who know us well, the picture above is actually very representative of the relationship between Josh and I. Tomorrow they will begin removing some of the tubes from Josh. The last few days have made it difficult for us to see much progress due to all the surgeries and Josh being sedated most of the time. We believe that this is the last major surgery in the near future. After Josh get

Update on Josh 10/2/16 9:50 pm

This morning the doctors removed the feeding tube and ventilator from Josh's mouth. The ventilator now goes through Josh's neck and feeding tube directly into his stomach. We can finally see that handsome smile. The doctors should also be giving him a good shave to prepare him for his facial surgery tomorrow at 4pm mtn time. This surgery will last 4-5 hours with the purpose of fixing several of his facial fractures. We will send out another update after that surgery is completed tomorrow evening. During this time I find myself asking "Why" a lot. "Why Josh?" "Why did God let this happen?" "Why won't God do more for Josh?" I don't know the answer to those questions but I know God is present.

"Honor all men. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honor the king." 1 Peter 2:17

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