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Field Trip!

Josh had a very special treat today. He left the Trauma ICU and went to a park across the street! They were able to get Josh up in a special chair and two staff along with two very excited parents accompanied him on his field trip. It was wonderful to see him with the sun shining on his face and the wind blowing across his skin. We can't thank the staff enough for making this special day happen. Mom and dad are beaming!

Tomorrow there is a very good chance Josh's transfer to San Antonio VA will become official. Once that happens they will begin the process of arranging his transportation. This will nail down the transfer date. He has had a good weekend with very clear lungs and plenty of TLC from family and friends. He is ready for the next step!

Pray for:

The logistics of his transfer as well as the transition for family.

God to show off...we would love to leave the staff with that special blessing.

Thanksgiving for the compassion expressed by doctors, nurses, and staff of Memorial Hospital!

All in For Josh!

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