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Update on Josh...2/19/2017

Josh continues to progress. With each day he shows a greater awareness of himself and his surroundings. This past week they put him in a "standing frame" which brought him into a full upright position with the weight of his body resting on his legs. (The first time since September!) The plan is to continue doing this treatment more regularly now. According to the therapists, the purpose of this treatment is to trigger muscle memory - using his body to coach his mind back into shape, something Josh could appreciate. One noticeable development has come as Josh has had more and more visitors. Some have been life long friends. Some have come from churches in the area. He has even had members

Update on Josh...2/7/16

It has been a busy week and a half. In our last post we told you that Josh was going through a capping trial for his trache. We have some great news. On Friday of last week they removed Josh's trache and he has been doing great! In fact, his oxygen saturation has actually increased and his heart rate has gone down! Are you ready for the big kicker? No really...are you ready? This morning in therapy they held a ball up to Josh's right foot and told him to kick it...and yes...Josh kicked the ball! From our early conversations with doctors back in the ICU in Colorado Springs to the staff at the Poly Trauma Rehab Center in San Antonio, no one has promised us anything. That would seem to be a med

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