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Update on Josh...2/7/16

It has been a busy week and a half. In our last post we told you that Josh was going through a capping trial for his trache. We have some great news. On Friday of last week they removed Josh's trache and he has been doing great! In fact, his oxygen saturation has actually increased and his heart rate has gone down! Are you ready for the big kicker? No really...are you ready? This morning in therapy they held a ball up to Josh's right foot and told him to kick it...and yes...Josh kicked the ball!

From our early conversations with doctors back in the ICU in Colorado Springs to the staff at the Poly Trauma Rehab Center in San Antonio, no one has promised us anything. That would seem to be a medically inappropriate thing to do. However, it was in the middle of our big family and friends meeting with the doctors on day three, when all the bad news and images were laid out and our "options" explained that we heard the big "BUT." Dr. McKisic jestered to the images of Josh's brain on the computer screens behind him, then looked at us and said, "an image is not a person!" Then he held up his hand and measured out an inch or so between his thumb and fore finger and said there is always a chance... It was only days later that Josh's heart rate and blood pressure began to rise at the sound of his mother's voice. Today we kicked a ball! Tomorrow...

Dr. McKisic was there for Josh through all his surgeries even canceling a family vacation on one occasion so he could do the surgery himself. He dropped in frequently just to check in on Josh's progress. He even took the time to read the cards and letters that had been posted all about the room. Dr. McKisic was there for Josh. Since then one staff person after another has gone the extra mile and invested in Josh's future. Thanks just are not enough.

When I became a Christian, God did not promise me anything. He didn't promise that my dad would stop drinking when I got home that night. He didn't promise He would make me a great man. He didn't promise I would have an easy life. BUT He did promise that He would be with me every step of the way. There have been times he has stood alongside me and cheered me on. There have been other times when the only thing I had left was His presence. Through it all, He has always been there for me...for Josh...and for you. And my heart rate and blood pressure rises at the very thought of that!

Hebrews 4:16

"Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.

All in for Josh!

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