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Cheers to a New Year...

Day 94: Josh is still in Polytrauma and is currently pneumonia free! We pray that we are done with pneumonia for good! Josh has had a full week of PT for the first time in a while. He is continuing to raise his left arm on a regular basis and is starting to move his legs and right hand slightly. We watch him day after day and hope for small signs of movement. These small changes may not seem like much but to us... Josh is moving mountains. The program in San Antonio is a 90 day rehabilitation program and at the end of it, Josh will come home. However, if Josh begins showing signs of progress and coming home will limit that progress, he will stay in San Antonio longer. We believe that Josh's

Merry Christmas from San Antonio

Day 89: It's a slow weekend here at the Polytrauma Center in San Antonio. Josh's numbers look good and he will resume physical therapy on Tuesday after the long holiday weekend. We just want to take the opportunity to say 'Merry Christmas' to everyone and a special 'Thank You' for all of those who made it possible for us to be here as a family and have a Christmas this year. As Kelsey and I were traveling down yesterday, I was unsure of my expectations for today. I figured it would be good to be together as a family but a somber day over all. Today we laughed, we cried, we exchanged gifts, and we wore our pajamas to IHOP. As I sit here watching the sunset across the Texas sky I am content, f

Update on Josh 12/23/16

We know it has been a while. The past week Josh has been battling pneumonia once again. He was sent up to the Progressive Care Unit only to be transferred shortly thereafter to the Medical Intensive Care Unit. Yesterday he finally made it back down to the Poly Trauma Unit and started his rehab back. He goes from one battle to the next. We know it is tough on him, it is tough on family too. Since this journey began back in September I (Dad) have had a chance to play a lot of memories over and over in my head. Our family trips, the neighborhoods we have lived in, the people we have come to know from years back as well as those we have been introduced to because of the accident. There have been

Update on Josh 12/15/16

Day 79: Progress is has been slow but we believe we are making progress. Josh finished his last round of antibiotics yesterday. A group of doctors specializing in infectious diseases spent some time with Josh this week trying to figure out why his infections keep coming back. Often times with patients who are on a trache for an extended period of time they have spells of congestion that cause their white blood cell count to spike and fever to rise. The folks from infectious disease believe this is what Josh is experiencing. We are optimistic that we may have found the cause of these infections. My dad came into town for a few days this week. We had the opportunity to have dinner together wit

From a Fellow Warrior...12/8/16

We would like to share with you a message Josh's sister Maggie received today from one of Josh's fellow warriors in the Navy. Please read through to the end for an update on his situation and our prayer request. "I went to BUD/S with your brother. I dropped a few hours after he did and we ended up spending a good chunk of time together in San Diego. We both got picked up to be Corpsmen and he stayed with me in my sister's apartment for a few days before we drove my car to San Antonio for the entry-level Corpsman training. We became roommates and I spent the next few months getting to know your brother very well. Obviously you know him so much better than I do and are aware of all the charact

Update on Josh 12/6/16

Day 70: Today is 10 weeks since Josh’s accident. It sometimes feels like we take one step forward and two steps back. Josh’s infection has returned and he has been moved to the acute care side of the hospital. The doctors are again going through the routine of administering various antibiotics to combat the bacteria. We hope that in a day or two, Josh will be moved back to rehabilitation while the rest of the antibiotics are administered. We ask that you pray diligently with us for the infection to go away, for good. When I am able to sleep, I often dream of Josh. These dreams do not include a hospital bed, a wheelchair, or speaking cap. I often wake up in the middle of the night and pray th

The First of Many 12/2/16

Day 66: This week has been filled with a lot of 'firsts' for Josh. He got his first real shower since the accident (we are all thankful for that). He also got his first visit from a therapy dog, a golden retriever named Pippin. We loved getting to see Pippin with Josh! The doctors and nurses are also starting to get Josh used to having his trach capped for longer and longer periods of time. His breathing continues to get a little better each day as well. We are so thankful for small steps each day. I am often asked, “How are you doing?” It is a hard question to answer. In some ways I feel we are doing well given all we have been through the last 2 months. We have experienced an overwhelming

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