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Update on Josh 10/1/16 7:00pm

Today has been a rest day for Josh. The surgery last night to repair the ruptured disks in his neck went smoothly. Josh is currently in a neck brace but the doctor told Josh that whenever he is ready to wake up, he will only make him wear the brace when he is running around. He has been a little more restless today moving list legs and his arms but he is still not responding to commands. Tomorrow he will have the breathing tube removed from his mouth and placed in his throat. This will allow for a surgery on Monday afternoon to fix his facial fractures.

One of the nurses told me today that she had never seen so much support for a single patient before. I believe we have the entire wing of the hospital rooting for Josh now. We have been sharing stories with the staff of Josh's many adventures and his goofy personality. I feel like momentum is building. I pray that Josh senses the energy around him and decides to join us. My brother is the most determined person I know. Josh never lets anyone get off easy. Josh fights for his friends and for his family. It is our turn to fight for Josh.

I ask that you pray for the process. Pray that he makes progress every day. Seeing him move his legs and move his arms is huge for the hope it creates in all of us. Pray that we stay steadfast to Josh and steadfast to the Lord. Pray for baby steps but also pray for leaps and bounds. Pray that God shows himself in a big way. Pray for the driver.

We are all in for Josh.

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