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Update on Josh 10/7/16 4:30 pm

Day 10: Last night we were playing music to Josh. His eyelids were twitching, his brow furrowed, his lips moved. It gave us hope. We know he can hear us. (Shout out to Jason Polly on iTunes).

Josh has developed bacterial pneumonia in his lungs so has been on a few different antibiotics. We are required to wear smocks and gloves in his room at the moment. The doctors are confident that they can get rid of it in the next few days. Due to the pneumonia, they have had him on the respirator intermittently just to give him any help he might need.

We met with doctors and hospital staff this afternoon to discuss next steps for Josh's treatment and recovery. Those details are still fuzzy and will likely be finalized early next week. Josh will stay here until the pneumonia gets taken care of.

When it comes to next steps for Josh, a lot of the treatment options revolve around the respirator. If Josh does not need a respirator, that opens up a lot more doors as far as facilities go for his recovery.