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Update on Josh 10/13/2016 2:00 pm

Day 16:

Quick update on Josh. This morning during the doctor's rounds, Josh opened both eyes for all the doctors and nurses to see! Everyone agreed that this was a good sign! Praise Jesus!

The doctors grade Josh's coma on the Galsgow Coma Scale. The scale goes from 3-15 and is based on Eye (1-4), Verbal (1-5), & Motor (1-6). You add these scores together to get a sense of how deep the coma is. When Josh arrived at the hospital 16 days ago, he was a 3. Yesterday Josh was a 7. Today Josh is an 8! Josh gets a score of 5 for Motor, 1 for Verbal, and 2 for Eye which sums to 8. The doctors also mentioned that his score of 8 might be artificially low due to his trach and his jaw being wired shut. Besides checking his vital signs this has been the best way to measure Josh's progress since his accident. Josh is making progress!

Please continue to pray that Josh continues to move up the coma scale. We still need Josh to respond to command by giving a thumbs up, wiggling his toes, or now by following our finger with his eyes.

Josh's neck surgery has been moved to Monday.

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