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Update on Josh 11/10/16 8:30pm

Day 44:

Josh is settled in San Antonio and the staff, therapists and doctors, are putting Josh to work. Josh's schedule looks similar to that of someone going through boot camp (fitting). Various teams of doctors, nurses, psychologists, and physical therapists work with him almost all day long, with a few rest and nutrition breaks built in, of course. The staff are very eager to help Josh, which is a huge answered prayer for our family.

On a less positive note, on Tuesday Josh finished the round of antibiotics he had been on for the infection in his lungs. He began running a fever on Wednesday and today the doctors confirmed that the pneumonia is back. Sounds like a broken record, I know. He has been moved from the rehabilitation ward to the hospital ward for the time being so that he can be treated for the pneumonia. We know that intermittent pneumonia is common for patients in Josh's condition, but it should not be this resistant. He will still be doing some of his rehab but it will be limited, so we ask that you please pray for the pneumonia to clear so that he can get back to boot camp!

We also wanted to share something really cool! Central Jr. High, where my mom works and all of us kids when to school, held their