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Update on Josh 11/13/16 6:00 om

Josh had a good day today! He is still on antibiotics for the pneumonia but the doctors say that he is ready to move back to the rehabilitation wing of the hospital. He should be making that move tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow morning is also when we are hoping that Josh's wires will come out of his mouth! This will happen in his room and he is not officially on the schedule but the doctors are going to try and work him in in the morning. With the wires and trach tube in place we are unable to know exactly where Josh falls on the coma scale. We all hope and pray that when the wires are removed and the trach is capped that he will speak/mumble/make some noise! This will move him up the coma scale!

So many people have offered to help in many different ways. We have had a difficult time asking for help without feeling like we are soliciting for it. One tangible thing that was offered was to create a shirt for Josh. It was something that Kelsey and I had been wanting do for the family but wanted friends to be able to get the shirt if they wanted as well. Our friend Holly Gore designed a shirt for us with Josh's trademark bear claw on the chest. If you ask Josh about the story he will tell you something about Teddy Roosevelt, BUDS training, and being fearless but it is uniquely Josh. We wanted to share the link in case anyone wanted to have one as well. Holly is selling them through her Etsy site. All of the proceeds will go to the recovery. And yes, the bear claw is the tattoo on his chest and yes, it's actually that size!