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We've Gone Wireless! 11/15/16 8:45pm

Day 49:

Josh has come a long way since his accident 7 weeks ago. Today was no exception! Today the wires were removed from Josh's jaw allowing him to finally be able to open his mouth! The wire and 3 of the 8 screws were removed today. The other five screws will require a local anaesthetic and will be removed later this week. Josh's trache was capped this afternoon allowing him to pass air through his vocal cords. Josh moaned and groaned but did not form any audible words. The process of capping his trache will take several days and consist of capping it for gradually longer periods of time.

Josh's team at the hospital has been very encouraging in the 2 weeks since arriving. Several have mentioned that they have already seen progress in him! We believe we are seeing small miracles in Josh each day. His eyes look brighter, he is starting to follow you with his eyes around the room and he is more 'active' throughout the day. Seven weeks ago, we did not know if any of these movements would be in Josh's future. Josh's vision specialist told us today that his vision appears to be in good shape. His right eye is slightly out of line, but they expect that to continue to improve.

I think it goes without saying, but we need/crave days like today. Most days are baby steps, and we are grateful for the baby steps, but once in awhile, we feel like we actually