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The Good Samaritan 11/16/16 10:00pm

Day 50:

Josh is still in a coma but making baby steps each day. We celebrate those. Josh had his trach capped intermittently today allowing him to moan and groan. The physical therapists put him in a back brace today allowing him to sit straight up in bed. By Friday they hope to get him in a wheelchair and out of his room.

Since the accident, Josh has favored the left side of his body. Most of his movements have come from his left arm or left leg. Until today, we weren't sure if that was a result of his spinal cord injury or his brain injury. The physical therapists were able to confirm that his right side responds to stimulus, meaning that the weakness on his right side is due to the brain injury and not the spinal cord injury. This is a good thing. His brain can re-learn to control his right side. We ask for prayers for continued muscle control on Josh's right side.

Tonight was special. This evening in Buena Vista, CO (the site of Josh's accident) there was a special ceremony honoring the 3 runners that saved Josh. They are pictured above with my sister, Maggie, and my dad. (From Left to Righ