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A Day at the Gym 11/22/16

Day 56:

Today was a very special day for Josh and the family. Due to the infections, he has moved back and forth between the hospital and polytrauma center several times since arriving 3 weeks ago. He is currently infection free and in the polytrauma center where we hope he stays for the remainder of his time in San Antonio! Kelsey and I arrived on Sunday night and have been very impressed with the facility and the entire support team the VA has built around Josh. Today the polytrauma staff got Josh out of bed, into a special motorized wheelchair, and took him to the gym! At the gym, they were able to sit Josh upright, stretch out his muscles, and do some sensory work. This is the first time he has been out of bed in 8 weeks! As long as Josh keeps the infections away, physical therapy will be part of his daily routine.

It was very special for us to see Josh out of bed. It is such a strange sensation being here with him and being able to participate in his recovery. Back home we go about our lives and see the same people day after day and nothing really changes that much. With Josh, everytime I see him he is different than he was the day before. I don’t have children but I imagine the feeling is similar to watching your children grow up. His progress seems incredibly slow right now but I know looking back on it one day, it will feel like it flew by.