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A Heart of Gratitude 11/24/16

Day 58:

If you had told me back in September that my overriding emotion through these difficult times would be “gratitude”, I would have said you had lost your mind. But that is exactly where I am… where our family is. Through your endless expressions of love and kindness we have found comfort, strength, faith, and hope…and all that has fashioned in us hearts of gratitude.

On this Thanksgiving Day the Fohners wish to thank everyone for all the ways you have reached out and supported us. We give thanks for all the doctors and nurses who have cared for Josh. We give thanks for the social workers and case workers who have helped us handle the curveballs that have been thrown our way. We give thanks for family who are walking hand-in-hand with us. We give thanks for friends who have filled his room with sweet expressions of love. We give thanks for churches, schools, and organizations from all over the country who have worked to meet our needs. And we give thanks for the overwhelming kindness of strangers who have crossed our path along this journey. But most of all we give thanks to our Lord for all the ways he has used you all to love on us and especially our son and brother, Josh.

As you gather with family and friends this Thanksgiving Day, we encourage you to hold that hug just a little longer, squeeze their hand just one more time, pause and look into their eyes and say ‘I love you’. For we are so thankful to be able to do these things with Josh!