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Update on Josh 1/2/2017

Day 97:

Josh continues to be pneumonia free and will finish his current round of antibiotics soon. The next test will be to see how he does once the antibiotics are out of his system. The most exciting part about being pneumonia free is that Josh continues to be able to get out of bed (in a motorized wheelchair) and participate in PT!

As I try and depict Josh's situation to people that cannot be there to see him, I try to put myself in the shoes of someone who reads this blog. When I think of someone being in a coma, my mind is taken to TV shows like Scrubs or Grey's Anatomy where they show a patient peacefully laying in bed sleeping. That is not the situation with Josh. Josh's eyes are open most of the day but unable to respond or, at least, respond consistently. There are times when you can tell that Josh's eyes are locked on you and other times, we cannot get him to follow our voice around the room. After almost 100 days in a hospital bed muscles begin to deteriorate and stiffen. This is part of the purpose of PT and getting Josh up and moving. The other purpose is to try and get Josh's brain to respond to muscle memory. I am not trying to paint a grim picture, just trying to give an honest description of his circumstances. Josh's scar has healed up perfectly and he looks like his old self. For all of you single ladies out there, Josh should be getting his first round of Botox in the next few days! Botox helps relax some of his contracted muscles. He will probably get a few rounds of injections during the course of his treatment.

I am currently reading a book by Steve Graves called 'Flourishing: Why Some People Thrive While Others Just Survive'. (Kelsey loves it because "Flourishing" was one of the mottos of her sorority.) In the book, Steve writ