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Big Update on Josh!

Day 108:

We received some good news this morning regarding Josh's recovery! When Josh was in Colorado in the ICU, the best way to gauge his progress was on the Glascow Coma Scale. Since his arrival in San Antonio there have been a number of other methods for gauging Josh's recovery now that the focus is on rehabilitation and less on trauma. For the last 108 days, Josh has been considered to be in a 'vegetative' state. This morning we received news that this definition is no longer suitable for him. Josh is now considered to be in a 'minimally conscious' state! Josh's physical therapy team felt like they had seen enough out of Josh for an upgrade! The progress this week has been focused around his eye movement. His eyes continue to get sharper and he is becoming more able to track people around the room.

We know this leaves you all with many more questions about next steps and we will try to keep everyone updated as much as possible. Our honest answer at the moment is that we do not know what is next. We continue to learn as we go with respect to TBI recovery. Josh has not spoken yet but is beginning to make more distinguishable sounds. Josh is slowly beginning to move fingers and toes and have facial expressions.

The news brought