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Update on Josh...3/20/2017

Hey everyone its Mike, Josh's dad. I wanted to let you know how Josh is doing and the plans that are in the works to get Josh back home. Tomorrow I will write a second post and share some thoughts on behalf of Kelly and I in response to questions and comments we have received from folks.

Each day we see something new take place. We have seen new facial muscle movements. Josh has pushed a button consistently on command. He is vocalizing more and more. He has also continued to kick the ball more consistently. There was one particularly special moment for us last week. If you know Josh then you know that signature smile he has where he smiles and then raises his eyebrow. Kelly I and were sitting with him watching TV when Kelly looked over and there it was, that eyebrow raised up. It was so good to see. His expressions are beginning to return. This has all happened in just the last five days! Josh remains on an upward trajectory...he is continuing to improve. We are very thankful!

Some of you may know that several of us made a commitment to Josh to get his tattoo if he were to give us a thumbs up. John Michael was "All in" even before that as you can see in the photo. But after pushing the the button last week, Josh definitely raised that thumb so Dad now has the "tat" too!

We are beginning the process for Josh's transition home. Kelly and I have been trained on almost all facets of his care. Modifications to our home have started this week. We are in the process of finding a mobility van. The VA is ordering equipment for his care. The team here in San Antonio has been in regular contact with the team at the VA in Fayetteville who will be receiving Josh into their system. We believe the transition will be taking place in April. Josh will continue to be monitored by the Polytrauma Rehab Center (San Antonio) and will likely return for evaluation and more therapy as he progresses in the future.