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Update on Josh...From Mom 4/2/17

I want to start by thanking all of you for your prayers. I am grateful! God is so good!

Over the past six months God has been faithful to provide a word, a phrase, a scripture verse, and many sweet moments that have served to encourage us and bring us hope. The word He has given us is Gratitude. That truth came from Mike. The phrase He has given us comes from the police chief in Buena Vista, "God has got this!" The scripture verse is Ephesians 3:20 which states, "He alone is able." This verse has been everywhere! I have been writing down the sweet moments, "God winks," or "divine appointments" we have experienced. I want to share with you one of those moments I had this past week.

Three mornings in a row, when I arrived to Josh's room, the nurse shared that Josh looked angry and had not slept well. By day three of this I just wanted to hear, "he slept well mom." I was becoming comcerned and discouraged.

That same day I headed down to the chapel where I often go to pray. On my way back to Josh's room an elderly veteran stopped me and asked, "arn't you the mom who reads to her son in the courtyard sometimes?" I told him yes. He told me he had seen us there often and it really touched him. So much so that he had begun to pray for us and called his daughter back in Denver to pray for us as well. I shared with him a quick summary of what had happened to Josh. He said he was headed to Mass and would be sure to pray. It was one of those sweet moments that reminded me "God has got this...He alone is able!" And to drive the point home, late that afternoon the man saw Mike and I walking through the parking lot and ran over to tell us that he shared Josh's story with the priest and now he would be praying for Josh as well. The man then gave us a small gift he wanted Josh to have and promissed us "good things are coming." We agree! And in these sweet moments our hearts are filled with gratitude for the w