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Update on Josh...Homeward Bound! 4/28/17

We received official word yesterday afternoon that Josh will be able to head home! He will take a med-flight out of San Antonio Monday and arrive in NW Arkansas before noon. He will be admitted to the VA in Fayetteville for a day or two then return to our home. We are at the 7 month mark and it will be good to finally have him home!

We want to thank all those that came out for the Spring Classic Frisbee Golf Tournament. There were over 75 folks who participated in the event. We want thank all of those who helped put the event on. We had a great time!

We also received some more good news! First, they conducted another Tobii Eye tracker test yesterday and he identified his brother and sister once again. He also was asked to single out specific facial features and again, success. They did the Yes/No word test again and he passed that. They also put a moving ball on the screen and asked Josh to track the ball and he did that also. All of this is good news. There is a very good possibility he will be able to continue to utilize a Tobbi Eye Tracker at home in NWA!

The second bit of good news...some of you may remember us referring to a "speed bump" in Josh's throat which they discovered in his first swallow test. They did a scope to look specifically at the issue and low and behold...the speed bump was gone! Hummm...I wonder where that miracle came from?! He had a second swallow test and has made progress since the first. He is just not ready to start any kind of a regular diet yet.

The family will be taking time to settle back in next week. We will send out a post to let you know how things are going and when Josh will be ready for visitors. When the next post goes out I know we will have much to share about our experience in San Antonio, how Josh is adjusting, what lies ahead for treatment, and the Bear Claw Benefit coming up on May 11th!

Until then...All In For Josh!

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