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Update on Josh...

I am writing you from a damp screened in porch overlooking a field of southern pines and muddy water. In our last post, my dad shared that we were able to take Josh to the lake for a few days. We never really know how Josh is going to react when we put him in new situations, taking him away from several of the machines and devices that assist Josh throughout the day, and bringing him to our family’s cabin in Scottsboro, AL – where things like Wi-Fi are a luxury. Josh did really well on our last visit, and so we are back here at the lake to celebrate the 4th of July with our entire extended family. Josh is sleeping well and seems to be relaxed. We ask for prayers that Josh continues to do well in this new element so that we can enjoy the lake together as a family for as long as possible!

This cabin has been in our family since 1958. My mother, her siblings and cousins grew up coming here whenever a free moment was available. As kids, Josh, Maggie and I spent summers here with our cousins instigating watermelon fights, bottle rocket wars, and serving as the child labor for the hand crank on the homemade ice cream machine. This is where we learned to swim, learned to ski, made several trips to the E.R., and watched Apollo 13 for the 437th time. We have spent almost every 4th of July and Christmas at the lake with our cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc. for a long as I can remember. To this day, our cousins and aunts and uncles still feel more like brother and sisters and second parents than extended family. This is all thanks to the bonds we have built over the last almost 59 years at the lake.

Several of us are married now with children of own. Instead of making