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Update on Josh...July 6, 2017

This pic is one of Josh napping on the dock at the lake. I tell you...the boy can sleep anywhere! This is just one in a long line of naps he has taken on the dock. The time here has been very good. He has enjoyed the constant flow of friends and family, the fireworks, the rain on the tin roof of the boat house. He had a story read to him by my 4 year old great niece. He had close friends drive in from Nashville to spend a couple of days. He even had a small army of family pets to keep him entertained as well as nap alongside of him!

Why are these moments so important to us? It is because we want to make sure Josh knows that we are all going to do everything in our power to help him take his life back. He spent eight months in a hospital bed. I know he had to wonder, "will I ever get out of here?" Our answer, every day in every way...you are getting "better and better, stronger and stronger!" Kelly tells him that a dozen times a day. We believe it and are doing our best to live it out!

One special moment for me occurred about a week ago. We were sitting on the porch together. I was watching and wondering what was going through his head. I am constantly trying to put myself in his shoes so I can better understand how I can help. But in this particular moment I just stopped and moved in close to his face and said, "I love you." I have said it often. But this time his eyes locked in on mine and he smiled. HE SMILED! How can anyone in his circumstance find a reason to smile? And he has started doing it on a consistent basis...when I showed him a funny picture