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Update on Josh...Passed Swallow Test!

Josh passed his Swallow test! We appreciate all the prayers! Now Kelly is working with him using Popsicles, honey, agave nectar, and bisque! We are hopeful that as he uses his tongue and mouth more and more, it will lead to bigger and better things! We have also made progress on the Botox treatment. A "friend of a friend" has managed to get the units of Botox that Josh needs donated! We are still trying to coordinate treatment with a physician but hope to have all that nailed down soon and treatment complete. Some of you have asked, "Why Botox?" The treatment will help Josh keep from having overactive muscle contractions and allow him to focus and manipulate his movements better.

We have received a special invitation from the City of Buena Vista where Josh was living at the time of his accident. Each year they hold a community dinner on main street that over 3000 people attend. Josh attended last year's event the night before his accident. They have asked Josh back and have provided accommodations for our family! You can learn more about the event at We are sure Josh is somewhere on the cover photo of their website! We also look forward to attending Clear View Community Church on Sunday!

The picture you see with this post was taken just outside Buena Vista at Cottonwood Pass back in 1999 when we were Program Directors for Young Life's Trailwest Family Camp. It is one of our favorite family pics.

I was asked the other day what we were learning from all of this. As I had shared early on in our journey, I find myself feeling grateful and thankful for all the ways people have reached out and supported us...especially in prayer. When I responded to the question I was asked, I recognized something new...something even more humbling. Most folks on this earth have never experienced the level of compassion from others we have. Our family are some of the fortunate few who have felt the love and support of Christ through the words and deeds of others. There are people living next door to each of us who need that same compassion. I am sure there are some of you who wouldn't mind an extra prayer or two. With this in mind, our family would like to ask you for two things.

First, if you have a prayer request of your own...please share it with us. We will make sure to pray for you regularly...and that includes Josh. Every prayer request will be shared with Josh and we believe he would love to be praying for you.

Second, many of you have shared with us what you have been learning through our journey. Those stories have been so very special to our family as we work to understand "why" and put the past year in perspective. Would you be willing to share those stories or impact with us? We would love to hear from you!

We have set up a special email address for your prayer requests and stories. It is AllinforJosh@ Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to give back for all you have done for us!

Our Prayer Requests:

You may remember that the trial for the man that hit Josh was scheduled for August 30th. That has been pushed back once again to November 2nd. These changes are difficult for our family. Please continue to keep this in your prayers.

Kelly has started back teaching. That transition has not been easy but she is doing well. She is a GREAT teacher. Please pray that each day will run smoothly.

Pray that the Botox Treatment will take place sooner rather than later.

We give thanks for all those who have been able to come and visit Josh. Kelly and I see a very real change in Josh when friends are with him.

"Devote yourselves to prayer, keeping alert in it with an attitude of thanksgiving, praying at the same time for us as well, that God may open up to us a door for the word, so that we may speak the mystery of Christ..." Colossians 4:2-3

Please like and share!

All in for Josh!

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