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Update on Josh...Passed Swallow Test!

Josh passed his Swallow test! We appreciate all the prayers! Now Kelly is working with him using Popsicles, honey, agave nectar, and bisque! We are hopeful that as he uses his tongue and mouth more and more, it will lead to bigger and better things! We have also made progress on the Botox treatment. A "friend of a friend" has managed to get the units of Botox that Josh needs donated! We are still trying to coordinate treatment with a physician but hope to have all that nailed down soon and treatment complete. Some of you have asked, "Why Botox?" The treatment will help Josh keep from having overactive muscle contractions and allow him to focus and manipulate his movements better.

We have received a special invitation from the City of Buena Vista where Josh was living at the time of his accident. Each year they hold a community dinner on main street that over 3000 people attend. Josh attended last year's event the night before his accident. They have asked Josh back and have provided accommodations for our family! You can learn more about the event at www.BVStrong.com. We are sure Josh is somewhere on the cover photo of their website! We also look forward to attending Clear View Community Church on Sunday!

The picture you see with this post was taken just outside Buena Vista at Cottonwood Pass back in 1999 when we were Program Directors for Young Life's Trailwest Family Camp. It is one of our favorite family pics.

I was asked the other day what we we