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Update on Josh...9/26/2017

This morning I sat at the intersection where Josh was struck by a jeep in Buena Vista, Colorado. It was one year ago tomorrow at approximately 6:30am. As I sat at the intersection I was very thankful for all the police officers, firemen, paramedics, pilots, physicians, and nurses who were there for Josh to render aide. I was especially thankful to be able to look down the road and picture in my mind's eye, the three joggers...three angels...Chris, Micah, and Luke coming up on the scene and keeping Josh alive. And he is very much ALIVE!

I am also thankful to be able to pray to our God who has been there all along, listening, loving, and moving in and through this situation. For all of you who have been praying along side of us, thank you! Would you please take a moment to say a quick prayer for our family and especially Josh this particular time as our thoughts and hearts relive the events of a year ago.

When we return to Arkansas I will be sending out several posts. I look forward to sharing the wonderful time we have had visiting with folks in Buena Vista as well as looking back over our experiences this past year. I also look forward to sharing the progress Josh continues to make!

Until then...All in for Josh!


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