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Update on Josh... Moving Forward!

Que the theme to Rocky! Josh is getting down to business! This past Monday evening he was able to get completely up using the standing frame. All of his vital signs were great and the smile on his face was priceless.

Our trip to Buena Vista, Colorado was wonderful. Josh traveled well. We stayed at Young Life's Frontier Ranch, worshiped at Clear View Community Church, and enjoyed an incredible BV Strong Community Dinner. We had people pull over while we were walking down the street...we had people come up to us at every meal we ate...we had shop keepers strike up conversations...and they all wanted to know, "Is that Josh?" We also had some special times of prayer with so many new friends. Thank you BV for a wonderful time!

As we drove west through Kansas the reality of the anniversary of Josh's accident began to sink in for Kelly and I. I believe we both wondered how we would do, how Josh would do, going back to the place where it all happened. But just as Josh was met that morning on the pavement by three Good Samaritans, we too, were met by an entire community of Good Samaritans. And isn't that just like our Lord? At every turn, at every high and low, He has been there walking right along side of us, behind us, and before us...and yes, even carrying us when necessary. One recent epiphany we have had through all of this is how privileged we have been to have experienced this kind of love and support when most of those around us, indeed around the world do not get to experience an ounce of it. We are very humbled and grateful. As you walk through your week we want you to know what a difference a word of encouragement, a kind gesture, or an unspoken prayer can make if the life of another. Our world needs a few more Good Samaritans.

Some Updates and answers to Prayer:

  • Josh is scheduled for Botox treatment on October 25th!!

  • Josh has started using the Tobii eye tracker with good results. He has been consistent in his responses to yes/no questions.We are working through how we can expand his use of the device.

  • Josh is also beginning to communicate with us through his smiles. We ask a question and say, "smile, if you want..." and he has been good to respond.

  • We are increasing our visits to CrossFit Fayetteville. The trips have led to an increase in his core strength. He has begun to raise his shoulders off his chair using the rings!

"This hope we have as an anchor of the soul, a hope both sure and steadfast..." Hebrews 6:19

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All in for Josh!!


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