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Update on Josh..We Fit!

We have had so many questions about our time in the Hyperbaric Chamber that we wanted to send out a quick update to let you know how it is going. The treatment is formally called Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. Some of you remember that Josh and I would both have to go into the chamber together. This was a first for this clinic and we were all concerned whether or not we would fit. After 5 tries we made it. With both of us in there, we were a bit too long for the chamber, so we improvised a bit.

The second hurdle was whether or not Josh would be able to equalize the pressure in his head, much like what you would do if you dove into deep water. Luckily, with Josh's time in the Navy, this process is not unfamiliar to him. I talked with him the night before and explained again what he would need to do and asked if he was ready...he smiled (yes)! When the process began I tried to hold his nose for him...he eventually pulled away. He equalized the pressure by swallowing...a big thank you to our speech therapists Amy, Julie, and Amber!!

We stay in the chamber an hour. During that hour, I check his heart rate several times...steady at 78 every time! In the chamber, he is alert and moves quite a bit. He also stays very wide eyed. It is a quiet and peaceful experience, much like I imagine it would be if we were scuba diving. When we are done and they role us out, I feel acutely aware of my senses. Everything is vivid and clear. I have to assume it is the same for Josh. We are scheduled for 20 of these sessions and will begin going every weekday for the month of November.

The doctors cannot predict the outcome of the treatment but the science seems promising. Pray that the saturation of oxygen in his system will stimulate the nerves in his brain that need mending. Thanks for your continued prayers!

All In For Josh!


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