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Update on Josh...Attitude

We are very excited about the progress we are seeing with the hyperbaric chamber oxygen treatments! Here we are 14 months out from the accident and Josh continues to make fact, those gains seem to be accelerating! He is working hard. He knows what is going on and we are very grateful! We have started a YouTube channel called "All in for Josh" where we intend to post brief videos so you can have a peek into his day to day activities and progress. You will be able to subscribe if you like to receive updates when new videos are posted.

We have so much to be thankful for. Since the beginning of this journey a verse has stayed close to my heart. It is a verse I have shared before but on this particular day it is especially appropriate.

"Devote yourselves to prayer, keeping alert in it with an attitude of thanksgiving" Colossians 4:2

On this Thanksgiving Day how many of us can say we approach life with "an attitude of thanksgiving?" That is a rather tall order. I feel most of us walk through life taking people and things for granted. We seem to never be satisfied with where we are, the people we are with, or what we are doing. Our avarice in us is never quenched. At times we drift into a state of self-pity thinking life has somehow cheated us or that things just never seem to go our way. That is a miserable existence.

If Josh has taught our family one thing, it is how to be thankful in the midst of difficult circumstances. The scripture is not just a charge or encouragement. It is a prescription! The more we have sought to find things to be thankful for in our situation, the more peace and joy we have found in the midst of the storm. So our prayer is that, on this Thanksgiving Day, you will approach your life with an "attitude of thanksgiving!"

As Always, All in for Josh

The Fohners

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