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Update on Josh..."Go Fish!"

It has been amazing and, at the same time, sobering this holiday season. It is amazing how much has been happening with Josh!

Now that we can communicate (with the wiggle of his toes), we see how much he wants to be a part of things. He is expressing his likes and dis-likes. He chooses his clothes for the day. He chooses his diet. He chooses the shows he wants to watch. He wants to be included in what is going on. He wants to be engaged in his physical therapy rather than just the recipient or bystander. When the extended family went to our annual bowling event, we thought it had already been a long day for him and maybe it was time to head back. But Josh insisted we go and was not content until we were able to maneuver him down to the lower level of the lanes where everyone else was bowling. On Christmas we actually played "Go Fish" with him.

The sobering part of it all is that the more we learn about his awareness, the more we feel like we are behind and having to play catch up. It is like Josh is saying, "...hey, I am over here, keep up!" He has been such a warrior through all of this. We are constantly trying to figure out how we can help and what can be done to accelerate his progress.

Our prayer requests:

  • That we will be able to continue the hyperbaric chamber treatments that have been so helpful.

  • That Josh be able to return to the Polytrauma Rehabilitation Center at the VA in San Antonio for an update on his status in light of all the developments.

  • That the Lord would continue to guard his heart and mind as he travels down this difficult road.

We want to thank Chip Souza and the Arkansas Democrat Gazette for the article they wrote on Josh. They also put together a video. You can read the article and view the video online if you answer a couple of anonymous survey questions at:

"The angel of the Lord appeared to him and said to him, 'The Lord is with you, O valiant warrior.'" Judges 6:12

All in for Josh!


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