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Update on Josh...Forgiveness

This past Wednesday a plea hearing was held in Colorado for the driver that struck Josh back in September of 2016. Josh and I traveled to Colorado to be present in the court room. The driver plead guilty to careless driving. He has lost his license and will be on supervised probation for the next 12 months. During the proceeding I was given the opportunity to give a Victim's Impact Statement. I had known for sometime that I would be allowed to do this. Little did I know, Josh had some things he wanted to share as well.

The evening before the hearing I was finishing up the umphteenth draft of my statement. I had tried my best to gracefully crucify the driver. We had experienced the most difficult 16 months we could ever imagine. Now I was trying to sum up all the hurt, pain, and frustration into a single 2 page statement. I went back to the room to run the statement by Josh and Kara (pictured with Josh). Kara had driven in from Denver to help out and support Josh.

I read the statement to them and then asked Josh if there was anything he wanted to change or take out. He wiggled his toes. So I began to go through each paragraph. When I got to the section that had my harshest words. Josh wiggled his toes...he wanted that section removed. I read through the rest of the statement and asked if there was anything else he wanted to add. He wiggled his toes yes. It took some time and a lot of questions and wiggling toes, but here is what Josh had me share in court that day. I prefaced these comments in court so the driver and court would know these words were from Josh: