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Update on Josh-Progress, Quotes, and YUMI!

We wanted to share some direct quotes from Josh's physicians and therapists from the past 3 months:

  • "After almost three years Josh continues to show signs of Neuro-recovery" Physician

  • "We've never had a patient come off the Baclofen pump before but his dose is now so low it is hard to imagine it is making a difference anymore, I need to do some research..." Physician

  • "In the past three months Josh's progress has just exploded" Therapist

  • "You're going to want to see this..." Josh had gone in for vocal fold augmentation, when the scope was put into place the doctor looked at me and made this statement. His vocal folds (chords) had almost completely returned. Dr. said there was no need for the procedure and therapy would complete the process. Physician

  • "The Medical Community held out little hope Josh would recover to any degree of function and would likely remain in a marginally responsive state. He has, and continues to, defy all clinical predictions and is now living a purpose-filled life with the help of his family and friends.We have stopped making predictions about what Josh will and won’t do and have accepted the role of being perpetually surprised at his dedication, courage and achievements." Physician's Report

  • I don't usually use the word 'miracle', but this is a miracle!" Therapist

It is unusual in TBI recovery to be approaching the three year mark and actually see recovery begin to build momentum. But that is the case with Josh. As a parent it is so uplifting to hear the excitement in therapist's voices when Josh crushes yet another goal. It is also humbling to see the efforts of countless people working hard on Josh's behalf. Thank you all for the encouragement you continue to be for Josh and our family!


We have been frequently posting pictures and videos from Josh's therapy and day to day life. Simply search "All in for Josh" or "AllinforJosh" on Instagram, FaceBook, or YouTube to follow along.