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2021 Beginnings...Springdale Bike Club

In January of this year the Fohner’s began their outdoor training rides on the Yumi. The Springdale Bike Club took them under their wing and have led every ride since. The members help load and unload the Yumi, get Josh loaded and situated, and create a protective barrier of riders around the Yumi. Before the Yumi arrives at an intersection a rider is positioned to hold or warn any oncoming traffic. Any walkers, joggers, or anything that could be a potential for a collision is called out by the lead riders. Several lead riders are always rotating to keep the pace as steady and safe as possible.

In the rear of the group there are always a couple of SBC riders filling the “Sweep” position. The sweep is an experienced rider looking out for any mechanical breakdowns or problems that need attention.

January rides were mainly on the five-mile loop around Lake Fayetteville. Lake loops afforded riders struggling with the cold, or equipment issues, to drop out and return to the vehicles without riding far. The cold of January and February was indeed a physical challenge, but it meant the Greenway was mostly deserted. On half a dozen occasions there has been something fail on the Yumi that required the team to dismount and push it home or go and bring a vehicle for rescue. Each ride is an adventure and has a fun story.

Josh has advanced with noticeable physical improvement. His legs and core are getting stronger. He also enjoys being a part of the group of old guys who banter and are usually joking around. He loves getting one over on the gang. Social connection and participation is a visible joy to Josh.

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