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All In Tour Anniversary

One year ago today Josh and 154 other riders completed the All In Tour - Ride For Hope.

It was the end of a dream that was three years in the making. It all started as a conversation at Josh's bedside when muscle tone still had control over much of his body, his right ankle was contorted, and he could not stand. But he could communicate. I had told him a week before that I was thinking of riding my bike from the place of his accident in Buena Vista, Colorado to our hometown of Springdale, Arkansas. A couple of days later Josh tapped out with his foot that he wanted to ride with me. The big, hairy, audacious, quest began.

Thanks to all the people and businesses who made it possible. From the folks selling t-shirts and bourbon, to the folks riding with Josh on training rides, to the veterans who stopped Josh along the way to thank him for his service...so many did so much! You all made this quest the trip of a life time!

To my son Josh, thank you for getting up before the dawn every day and fighting to get your life back. And doing it all without complaint or blame, just determination and Faith. You have taught us so much. We all love you!

All in for Josh!