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Celebrity grows while recovering from Traumatic Brain Injury

Celebrity grows while recovering from Traumatic Brain Injury and update via

As the Tour draws closer the frequency in our training rides increases. We are less than sixty days away from the beginning of the All in Tour. The medical team advised that Josh needed to prove he could ride 300 miles in a week. Included in that total is a seventy mile or more ride in one single day. The plan is to complete both next week and add two nights of camping.

The team of volunteers working with Josh continue to train on piloting the custom-made side-by-side recumbent e-bike. Electrical issues continue to plague the training efforts. We are approaching a critical juncture. Should the issues not be resolved prior to the trials next week the window for proving reliability and capability will be in jeopardy. Thus far, reliability of the custom bike's batteries has been less than satisfactory.

Josh is showing up to every Springdale Bike Club ride. He is also showing up in Northwest Arkansas bike related marketing campaigns. He enjoyed two fundraisers this past week. His favorite was a social fundraiser with the SBC putting on a Cobbler and Coffee ride sponsored by Trailside Coffee Company and Junk Brands. The sweet surprise raised over $1,000 dollars.

Keeping Josh in the public eye, 5 News reporter Bailey Devane did a wonderful story during the Cobbler fundraising ride. His mischievous grin emerges when he meets a young lady and knows his mother or father will be his interpreter. Our team has come to know his first question is always, “How old are you?” followed by “Will you drive the Yumi with me?” We derive a lot of pleasure in watching Mike try and find something else to do that needs his attention when Josh is working his magic on the ladies. Bailey has an open invitation to return and pilot the Yumi with Josh.


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