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Ending on a High Note!

Josh ended his 2020 therapy getting back up in the LiteGait and walking! Last January the process of moving towards getting his Achilles tendon lengthened ended his time up in the LiteGait. Then COVID hit and postponed the surgery even further. So we are so excited and thankful he is back in the saddle so to speak.

2021 holds some big goals. We continue to focus on walking and talking and progress is being made on those fronts. One really big goal is our 900 mile YUMI adaptive bike tour from Colorado to Arkansas in June. The whole family is in training!

Another goal is to do all we can to help Destination Walk, a non-profit activity based therapy program here in NW Arkansas not just survive but thrive through this pandemic. The pandemic has complicated treatment for so many patients in the program. They provide not only effective therapy, but a place of belonging for so many. If you are looking for a worthy cause at the close of 2020 or moving into 2021, we ask you to please consider a gift to Destination Walk at

Happy New Year!

All in for Josh!



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