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Josh's Four Year Anniversary

Four years ago today Josh was struck by a Jeep while riding his bike home from his morning workout. Four years ago we thought today was the end. But four years ago today was only the beginning!

Doctors never thought moments like the one in the video would ever take place but Josh shared that moment with Kelly on Mother's Day this past May. The truth is, we were told Josh would likely never wake up, if he did he would likely never know who we were. Yet here we are, every morning Josh is up at the crack of dawn as always, ready for his morning workout.

Josh continues to get stronger. In the past three months Josh's arms have begun to respond. He has had the opportunity to utilize a device called Bioness that has stimulated the neuro pathways allowing his brain to begin connecting the dots between his brain and his hands. He has also begun using a device referred to as an IOPI (Iowa Oral Performance Instrument) that gives him data and bio feedback on exercises he does for his tongue. He remains determined to walk and talk!

The big bike ride we had planned for this past June, the All in Tour, was postponed a year because of the COVID quarantine. We have made some slight adjustments to the dates but we are back on for 2021. You can learn more at www.AllinforJosh.org/all-in-tour. Come Join us!

Though it has been some time since our last update, we remain very committed to sharing with others Josh's journey. More attention is being given to these updates and the website (AllinforJosh.org). Please share this update with a friend if you feel it might be an encouragement. You can also follow Josh on Facebook and Instagram at All In For Josh.

"I will lift up my eyes to the mountains; From where shall my help come? My Help comes from the Lord, Who made heaven and Earth."

Psalm 121:1-2

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