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Josh Stands "I am stronger than you think"

On January 31st, Josh wanted to surprise a couple of his teammates and jumped in on their personal “Personal Record” (PR) ride. He and Kelly Fohner joined with about twenty miles to go. Upon finishing that ride Josh said, “I’m stronger than you think.”

On February 2nd Josh wanted to add a new twist to our rides. He wanted to work on standing up. Before the ride Josh set a new Personal Record of standing for two minutes thirty seconds. After the ride, and I pushed him hard on the last lap for taking liberties earlier, Josh stood for three minutes and fifty-nine seconds. Yet another PR!

On February 5th, after the training ride, Josh stood for five minutes after the ride. Another PR.

On February 23rd, after the training ride, Josh stood for eight minutes thirty-nine seconds. A NEW P.R.

Even after longer rides, Josh does better standing than before the rides.