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Progress and Opportunities

The past 5 months have been incredible for Josh! Therapy and training for the All In Tour have created great gains. Yesterday Josh was evaluated in physical therapy. They had set 10 goals six weeks ago. Josh met 9 out of the 10 goals including sit ups, rolling in bed independently, standing time, etc... The one goal he is still working on is maintaining upper body control while being assisted in a walker. But we are confident that is coming! Josh's therapists are incredible!

One factor in Josh's increasing progress has been the introduction in January of regular training on his YUMI. The YUMI is a truly fine piece of adaptive sports equipment and we are very thankful for it! Josh's muscle development has been phenomenal, but even more significant has been the increased function of his neuropathways. It was his neuropathways that suffered as a result of his accident, not his muscles. So to see that part of his physiology recover and progress is nothing short of miraculous! Watching his body respond instantaneously to the signals his brain is sending is like watching an orchestra respond to the conductor's baton. We were told not to expect any more progress after two years but we are now 4.5 years out and Josh is accelerating! It is a sight to behold. As the Psalmist says, "I am fearfully and wonderfully made." Thank you to everyone who helped make the YUMI possible!

We are just 2 weeks away from the start of the All In Tour. This all began in January of 2019 when I shared with Josh that I wanted to do a bike ride to help raise money for his therapy. Josh's response, "I want to go too!"

That led to the discovery of the YUMI. Then Covid hit postponing the trip for another year. So now, here we are. Josh is about to attempt something no one in his condition has ever done. We have a great team of riders. We have a great plan in place. And Josh has a great story to tell. Its a story about Faith, Hope, and Love and its a story about laughter, suffering, and an enduring spirit. And Josh is living all of it!